A Novel Approach in Using Interactive Technologies to Build Agricultural Information Systems: A Conceptual Framework

P K Paul , A Bhuimali , D Chatterjee M Ghosh , R K Sinha and J Ganguly


The survival of human civilization is largely depends on agriculture and its product. It provides us several food products that are ultimately used for the physical and mental growth of humans. In a country like India, about
70% of the total population is purely depends on cultivation and agriculture and have chosen this as their major profession. Several strategies require for the proper cultivation and food production, but unfortunately many of
the cultivator and agriculturist are not aware about several things related to cultivation, such as; what and when to grow, suitable weather condition, marketing of agricultural products, demand of the product, nutrition and quality management in the vegetables or products etc. Like other sector, an information systems containing information on agricultural domain may solve problem in many ways and may be helpful for the grower. This paper deals with the conceptual framework of agriculture and its relationship with information systems.

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