Antimicrobial Activity of Lantana Camara, Cannabis Sativa, Allium Cepa Against Various Bacterial Species

Indu Sharma , Ashwanti Devi and Vivek Singh


The crude ethanol extract from the leaves of Lantana camara, Cannabis sativa, Allium cepa were subjected to antimicrobial analysis against selected bacterial pathogens B. subtilis, S. aureus, S. typhimurium, P. auruginosa, E. coli & K. pneumonia. The crude extract of different leaves samples was tested for its antimicrobial activity by using agar well diffusion and antibiotic susceptibility technique. The experimental results of Lantana camara ethanolic
leaves extract shows higher bactericidal activity against all tested bacterial pathogens B. subtilis (22mm), S. aureus (20mm), S. typhi (19mm), E. coli (22mm), K. pneumonia (19mm), P. aureoginosa (26mm) maximum zone of
inhibition respectively. All the ethanol extracts of leaves have been found to inhibit the growth of bacterial strains. Only Lantana ca maraexhibited good antimicrobial activity in comparison to Cannabis sativa and Allium cepa.

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