A simple and effective method of the synthesis of NiO nanoparticles

Avnish Kumar Arora , Ritu, Sarita Devi


Nanosized nickel oxide has been synthesized by using precipitation method and characterized by using XRD (Xray diffraction), TGA/DTA (thermo gravimetric analysis), SEM (scanning electron microscopy)/TEM (transmission electron microscopy) and magnetic measurement techniques. XRD studies showed that nickel oxide was formed as NiO and it has rhombohedral structure.  Magnetic measurements showed that nickel oxide has two unpaired electrons and was paramagnetic in nature. The particle size of the synthesized nickel oxide was determined by TEM. TEM images showed that the size of particles of NiO varied from 28 nm to 50 nm which is in good agreement with the theoretically predicted size of nanomaterials. This method is convenient, easy and effective in comparison to the known methods for the synthesis of nanomaterials like thermal decomposition of precursors, co-implantation of metal and oxygen ions and ultrasonic spray pyrolysis.

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