Anesthetic Management and Challenge of Flexible Bronchoscopic Removal of a Three Piece Foreign Body (whistle) From a Child's Bronchus

Sapna Bansal, Sachin Bansal, Babita Ramdev


Foreign body removal from tracheobronchial tree creates
surmounting challenge, as it needs airway sharing with the
bronchoscopist. Foreign body inhalation is an extremely
serious problem in children and accounts for an important
cause of mortality and morbidity [1-6]. Asphyxiation from
inhaled foreign bodies is a leading cause of accidental
death among children younger than 4 years and may also
cause chronic lung injury if not properly managed [7]. Rigid
bronchoscopy is the intervention of choice for the
management of bronchial foreign bodies in children [8].
The ability to control the airway, ventilate, and the
availability of a wide variety of extraction instruments have
established rigid bronchoscopy as a safe mode to remove
foreign bodies in children. Although paediatric flexible
bronchoscopes have been used for several decades in the
diagnosis and treatment of various respiratory disorders in
children, a review of the literature revealed a paucity of
published data on the use of flexible bronchoscopy to
extract foreign bodies in children and related anesthetic
management and challenge.

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